1 Million Robot Workers Hired to Build Your Next Apple Product

Foxconn, a major manufacturer for Apple and other major technology companies, is purchasing one million “Frida” robots from Robotics company ABB to work on their assembly line.

ABB assures us that safety has the highest priority. So did Dr. Lanning from i, Robot… and look at how well that turned out. But honestly, the company’s demo video shows pretty clearly that the robots can stop abruptly if they detect anything in their way. Here’s their concept video on Youtube. They talk about safety 40 seconds into the video.

The link at the end of the video is actually to the company’s news room. Here is the page dedicated to be entirely about the FRIDA concept robot.

Designed to work in assembly lines, the robot vaguely resembles the upper half of the human body. It won’t be able to fetch your coffee in the morning, but it should be able to relieve a lot of stress at the Foxconn plants. There will be 300,000 robots by next year, and a million within three years.

Pricing was not mentioned in the video, but I’d imagine that these robots might make things a buck or two cheaper to manufacture. Will we, as consumers, notice a major price difference in the devices we buy? Probably not, but it is possible.

If you are a robot and are interested in working at Foxconn, here are Foxconn’s good interview tips. They give really big bonus points if you can do all of these as a robot. You can thank me for that tip by leaving me alone when you take over the world.

Source: Engadget

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