$179 lens turns your iPhone into a microscope

If I had to pick only one thing I really love about the iPhone, it’s the camera. I can document my entire life and the world around me in clear, crisp quality with just the iPhone. Many accessories are out there that utilize the camera however, Scalar Japan has upped the ante of lens accessories by developing a lens that converts any household iPhone into a portable microscope.

The Pocket Micro is an iPhone case that fits the iPhone 4, 4s, and iPod Touch that has a high quality microscope that lines up perfectly with the iPhone camera lens. The case has two high power LED settings for high quality microscopic images in reflective or non-reflective light. The case has a one-touch switch that allows users to switch back to the normal lens for regular shots.

The case is currently priced for $179.99 and an iPhone 5 version is on the way.