25 Songs People Have Stuck In Their Heads

25 songs people have stuck in their heads

Don’t you just hate it when that catchy tune stays in your head for days on end? Don’t worry, these people can relate.

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Of all the songs to get stuck in my head WHY would it be the cha cha slide right nowMonica Altman
I have the stupid Prius commercial jingle stuck in my head #apriusforeveryonenicole ✌
Dear Diary. I have now had Tik Tok stuck in my head for 4 days straight. Losing grip of reality. Considering fighting until dawn. Send help.Josh Allen
Got that Barney song stuck in my head… ‘I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family…’ I’m going MAD!lucy rose
I have cotton eye joe stuck in my head and Ive been singing it all night???!!!teresa
why do I have the Korean happy birthday song stuck in my headshannon
I have the teenage mutant ninja turtles theme song stuck in my head GREAT COOLbriana
I have the Bill Nye theme song stuck in my head. WHY.Adrienne Rule
It’s July and I’ve got "I wish it could be Christmas everyday" stuck in my head. So this is what it feels like to have a nervous breakdownLiam Bond
I saw a plastic bag floating around in the road, now I have Katy Perry stuck in my head. #ThanksObamaKatie Keeley
I have bohemian rhapsody stuck in my head someone help merita
Check yes Juliet has been stuck in my head for 98764224686421478 yearstheresa marie
Why do I have the Jurassic park theme song stuck in my head?RonJon
Benny and the Jets has been stuck in my head for like a weekbehold a lady.
Why I have the macarena stuck in my head I will never know❊
I woke up with the Arthur theme song stuck in my head. I guess it’s a wonderful kind of day or something.Misty
I have come to accept that I will have Colors of the Wind & every song from Les Mis simultaneously stuck in my head for the rest if my lifeVicky T
We Can’t Stop by Miley Cyrus has been stuck in my head for THREE DAYS. Make it stop -_- No pun intended…Amber Kirk-Ford
Great, now I have Barry Manilows Mandy stuck in my head…Anastasia Steele
I’ve had mambo # 5 stuck in my head for 13 years nowMark Elson
For some unknown reason I get the Antiques Roadshow theme tune stuck in my head quite frequently. #FirstWorldProblemsKirstie
Why do I have the Fanta song stuck in my head?Tats & Tiaras
I’m not sure how many more hours of YMCA stuck in my head I can take.akaha
Woke up with a Barenaked Ladies tune stuck on repeat in my head. #goodmorning #thisactuallyhappensalotEmily Nixon
Woke up with Hannah Montana theme song stuck in my head. Why why why why why why whyFinn
How about you? “The Tide is High” is a particularly persistent one for me. Comment below what you’ve got stuck in your head right now.