3 Ridiculous Ways to Watch Video on your Smartphone

Some smartphone accessories are pure genius. And some…are purely ridiculous. Here are three surefire ways to look like an idiot while viewing media on your smartphone:

The Private iPhone Case:

This little tripod is advertised to be a mini movie theater and to allow the user to discreetly view sensitive material while out in public…which kind of begs the question of why you don’t just find somewhere more private to view said material?  And who wants to carry around a tripod for your phone?

The iDesign Digital Video Glasses:

These video glasses are designed to connect to your iPod or iPhone with an adapter to provide a personal theater experience on the go. They have attached earbuds and will hold a charge for 8 hours.  And ok, I can see how this might be kinda cool if you spend a lot of time on airplanes, but there’s no way you can actually look cool while wearing it.

The As Seen on TV Hat:

Also known as the TV Hat, this has made its rounds on the Internet before but is worth mentioning again if you haven’t seen it. This cracks me up pretty much every time I see a picture of it. It’s pretty self-explanatory- you put your smartphone in a pocket at the end of the flap thingy and put in the earphones. There is a magnifying glass attached midway to magnify the view. If you’re dying to see more though, check out this priceless gem of an infomercial:

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