3D Eye Tracking Glasses let you play games without your hands

Have you ever been too tired to sit up and play games, but too wired to fall asleep? The future might come with a solution for you: Play with your eyeballs.

A team at UK’s Imperial College lead by Dr. Aldo Faisal has rigged eye tracking circuitry that take advantage of new 3D technology. The result: an individual can wear the glasses and play pong by simply looking where they want the paddle to move.

His team rigged up the glasses to track eye movements in 3D instead of 2D, and while they are like other eye tracking applications the off-the-shelf glasses help reduce the cost an astonishing 800 times over the others. The team created them to help people with Parkinson’s, MS and other mobility or motor control issues learn to control computers.

Not sure the usefulness is clear to an average user, but maybe in the future it will be more than just a way to lazily play retro gaming.

Joshua Howland

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