3D Printing Made Ultra-accessible Through This Simple App

3D printing has definitely been a big trend this year. Though I’m a big fan of this super cool development and the increasing accessibility thereof, I’ll be the first to admit; 3D printing something on my own seems like a bit of a daunting task. Buying a 3D printer, obtaining the proper materials…I’m not so sure if I’m quite ready to buy one of these machines for my house just to print out the various objects of my imagination. Thankfully, for people like me, Kickstarter PixelPrint’s got a great solution. Here’s what the folks behind it have to say.

PixelPrint Studio allows you to build anything you can imagine then share your creation or have it 3D printed & shipped straight to you.

Once the Kickstarter is funded, PixelPrint will be a free iOS app that you can use to design 3D block-based objects straight from your iPhone or iPad. The designing process is similar to using Legos, you build block upon block, or rather pixel upon pixel, until you’ve reached your desired object. Then, you can get the object professionally 3D printed and sent to you.

This brings even more accessibility to the growing field of 3D Printing. Click here for more information, or to back this innovative Kickstarter.

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