5 Green Gadgets for your Office

Eco-friendly gadgets have been trending immensely due to carbon-footprint awareness and global warming. Manufacturers and consumers are both committing more time and attention to better sustainability. Below I’ve rounded up 5 eco-friendly products that would work perfectly in any office to green up the atmosphere. So check out the list and do your part to join in the green movement.

Hand-Powered Paper Shredder – Minimize your carbon footprint by using this environmentally conscious hand shredder. Cost: $24.00

USB Cell Batteries – For those of you who may need batteries, try using these nifty little devices to reduce your waste. These USB cell batteries can easily recharge from any USB port in no time! Cost: $17.56

ProFormance Mousepad – This sleek mousepad comes in a variety of colors and looks just like leather, but it is actually made from 70% post-consumer waste and is completely recylable! Cost: $23.94

Water-Powered Clock – This quirky digital desk clock runs completely on water with no batteries needed! You simply add water to activate and it lasts for a few weeks. Cost: $19.00

GreenSmart Laptop Sleeve – This company has managed to do the impossible by creating laptop sleeves, messenger bags and book bags from recycled plastic bottles. Cost: $24.99 – $59.99

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