5 Helpful Gmail Tricks

If you’re one of Gmail’s hundreds of millions of active users, listen up. These tips and tricks will help you to get the most out of your email.

1. Undo Send

Yikes, you just emailed last night’s embarrassing karaoke video to your boss instead of your best friend — Don’t panic! After enabling the Undo Send lab feature, you can stop that message for up to 30 seconds after pressing send. If only there were a button like that in real life, right?

2. Keyboard Shortcuts

In settings, you can enable some helpful shortcuts. If they’re not feeling intuitive, go into labs and enable custom shortcuts. A new shortcuts tab will appear in settings and allow you to create shortcuts of your own.

3. SMS Messaging

Text people from you Gmail account with this helpful Google Lab feauture. Once enabled, select a Gchat contact to add their cell number, or simply type in the number on the chat box search bar as pictured above.

4. View Account Activity

On the bottom of the page,click the details button next to your last account activity — from that pop-out, you can see who’s logged in, and where. You can remotely sign out of all other sessions in case you’re logged in somewhere else.

5. Gmail Offline

Google has an extension for Chrome (download here) that allows you to access mail and compose messages without an internet connection. It will automatically send any outgoing messages once you do reconnect.

Now that you’re a Gmail Wizard, get onto your account and explore! There’s a lot to find and use in order to tailor and enhance your email experience. What’s your favorite Gmail trick?