5 Incredible Apps From FC Barcelona

Not only is FC Barcelona one of the most competitive soccer teams in the world but the club also leads in the app world as producers of several impressive apps. A strong and collaborative development has put out a range of apps from following game-day statistics of the soccer team in various competitions to even a fitness app to help users stay healthy and active.

FC Barcelona has launched numerous apps since 2010 and here is a selection of five to show you how Barcelona is redefining what a team app stands for:

FCB iCoach: The FCB iCoach app is a free online health coach designed to help users quit smoking. Through the app, users receive the support of many different FC Barcelona health experts and is  to adapt to different needs, time and goals to support a new lifestyle.

FCB Fitness: With the help of FC Barcelona players, users can surpass their own fitness limits through gamification. Exercises suggested by the app support the users chosen objective (lose weight, gain muscles, etc) and collect trophies along the way.

FCB Capball: Here users have the chance to sign some of the great players in FC Barcelona history, Maradona, Cruyff, Messi, Rivaldo, Iniesta, etc., play games and win their own titles. Great way to interact with and learn about the team history.

FCB Starscup: In this app, the user get a chance to prove their soccer knowledge. By simulating a real game with real players, split second decisions are made: passing, dribbling, tackling and shooting.

FCB World: Users can connect with FCB World and learn everything they want to know about  FC Barcelona. Users receive the latest news, photos, videos, live match summaries, fixtures and tables, as well as tweets.