5+ Reasons Google+ Rocks, Facebook Sucks (post by @mrgnw)

Google+ is better than Facebook.

There, I said it. A bold statement, I know. Why would I say that?

To put it simply, Google+ is easier to use. Here’s how:

Customized sharing

When Google+ came out, their main selling point was circles: an easy way to decide who sees what you share.

Facebook copied this immediately… but their version sucks. Sharing with custom lists on Facebook is harder to figure out and takes more effort (five more clicks, to be precise).

Circles vs. Lists

Even if you’re used to the multiple-step process for sharing with custom lists on Facebook, you need to have lists of people to share with.

How many of you know how to add someone to a list?

Where can you view all of your lists and quickly put people in them?

Mobile app

Overall, the Google+ app works more smoothly than the Facebook app.

Here’s what I’ve noticed:

  • Google+ notifications show up faster.
  • Facebook notifications don’t go away easily. Google+ occasionally has this problem too, but not nearly as often.
  • Facebook app: the menu button gets covered up by the “back” button. How many times do you have to push the “back” button before you can push the menu button? It changes every time.

Circles in other Google apps

Your Google+ Circles can also be used in Gmail and Google Voice.

Facebook has about 9x as many users as Google+, but Google+ destroys Facebook in terms of design & functionality.

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