5 Tips And Tricks For The HTC One

I’ve been using the HTC One for the last week, courtesy of our friends at Wireless Vision. In my daily usage, I’ve come across a few things I actually didn’t know how to do (unbelievable, right?) and had to research. Most of them are things that I’m familiar with on Samsung phones, but HTC chooses to do a different way. So, if you’re new to HTC and the One, these tips and tricks might save you some time.

1. Take a Screenshot

There are two ways to take a screenshot with the HTC One.

First, you can hold down the Power button and Home button at the same time until you see the screen flash and hear the camera shutter sound.

Second, you can hold down the Power button and Volume DOWN button at the same time until you see the screen flash and hear the camera shutter sound.

Either way, the screenshot photo will be saved to Gallery > My Photos, where you can share it.

App Switcher on HTC One

2. Access Multitasking App Switcher / Kill Apps

To view a list of recently used apps and jump directly to them, quickly double tap the capacative Home button from anywhere. You’ll see a panel of 9 of your most recently used apps and a live preview of them when you last used each one. Just tap the app you want to switch to.

To close (“kill”) an individual app, just tap and hold on that particular app and swipe UP.

3. Remove BlinkFeed

If you’re not a fan of HTC’s BlinkFeed, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is, without rooting your phone and flashing a custom ROM, there’s no way to completely get rid of it. The good news is, you can set it to another home screen so it isn’t your default, effectively making it so you never have to see it.

To do this, tap the Options menu from BlinkFeed and select ‘Customize home screen’. Then, at the top of the next screen, tap and hold the home screen you want to be your default and drag it up to ‘Set as Home’ and release. It’ll move the BlinkFeed panel to one of the two sides, letting your default Home screen be icons and widgets like you’re familiar with from other Android phones.

4. Use HTC One as a TV Remote

HTC One TV Remote

Your HTC One has a built-in infrared blaster to control most home theater components (TVs, DVRs, receivers, DVD players, etc). It’s hidden inside the Power button, so make sure you’re not covering it up when you try to do this.

Open the HTC ‘TV’ app and configure your TV service provider. That’ll give you access to a live TV guide feature and then start building recommendations based on what you watch. Tap on the little remote icon in the top right corner of the app and configure your virtual remote. It works with almost all major manufacturers based on universal remote codes. You can setup multiple devices for multiple rooms.

Last tip for the remote feature: the physical volume buttons on the right side of your phone actually control the volume of your TV while you’re in the TV app. You’ll know any time the remote is transmitting a signal to your TV by when the status bar at the top flashes Red.

5. Access Google Now

I’m a huge fan of Google Now, and it’s only getting better and  better. To access it on the HTC One, hold down on the capacative Home button until it loads. You’ll need to do this each time to launch it.

If you need basic information about  Google Now or want to find out the full extent of what you can do with it, go here.

Do you have any other helpful tips and tricks to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.


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