You’ll Never Visit These 6 Places In Person, But You Can With Google Street View

That Google Street View car gets around. In fact, everything in blue on the map below has been effectively snapped and mapped by the Google car, giving you awesome on-the-ground 360 degree panoramas.

The beautiful thing about Google Street View is that you can now visit places you’ve never been without leaving the comfort of your bathtub.

Some of the remotest places on earth are a click away. So remote, in fact, that you’ll probably never see them in person. But enjoy anyway!

Half Moon Island, Antarctica – (Link)

Click ‘More’ and then ‘Street View’

Penguins, rocks, snow, water. Looks downright balmy!

Canary Islands (Link)

“I don’t see any canaries. This place sucks.”

North Slope, Alaska (Link)

(As far north as Street View gets in North America)

No wonder Russia didn’t want it.

Key West, Florida (Link)

(Southernmost point in the United States)

The landmark says “90 miles to Cuba.” My car should be able to do that in about an hour.

South Base Camp, Mount Everest, Nepal (Link)

The reviews were pretty high. At this altitude, I’d say the reviewers were too.

Sassen-Bunsow Land National Park, Svalbard (Link)

Well, it isn’t really a “street” per se.

And a few extras:

  • Hahajima Island, Japan (Link)
  • Amazon Rain Forest, Manaus, Brazil (Link)
  • Hanauma Bay, Hawaii (Link) <– This one’s underwater!


  • James Horan

    I have been to Half Moon bay in Antarctica……..just penquins there