7 Spotify Features You Didn’t Know You Had

Spotify LogoWe’ve seen some welcome updates to Spotify recently. Here are some new and old features you may not be aware of.

Spotify Toolbar


Finding new music has always been one of Spotify’s greatest uses. The breakdown of music in this section is very helpful in discovering new music based on Lists, New Releases, News, and Moods/Genres. I’m a fan of Spring Forward (Music for spring!) and Classic Road Trip Songs. There is bound to be something for everybody.

Play Queue

Never wonder what the next song will be anymore. Your Queue will also allow you to adjust the order, even if you are just shuffling through a massive playlist, by dragging a selection up or down the list.

Your Music

It’s finally happened. Spotify has given us a place to go for all of our music. Sync your own library from iTunes, your phone, your computer, or via USB. Then, any music on Spotify you add to a playlist, favorite, or save will be added to Your Music. The + next to each song is all you’ve got to click to save a song (or songs).

It’s all there in once place, and it’s a beautiful thing. This is still rolling out to users, so if you don’t already have the option, you will soon.

Spotify FoldersYou can also organize your playlists with folders. Did you know this was a thing? Add a folder through File – Add New Playlist Folder. If you’re a person with a ton of playlists, this will really clean things up for you. Drag and drop playlists into the folder and click on the arrow on the left hand side to expand the folder contents.

App Finder

Have you browsed the different apps available? Check these out and get more from your Spotify Experience. You’ll find App Finder in the left hand toolbar, then you can browse all of the options.

Here are some examples.

Listen Language – Learn one of 24 languages with free audio courses.

Twitter Music – Discover new music by taking a look at what is trending on Twitter.

Classify – Find the classical piece you want through the composer, instrument, mood, era, or theme.

TuneWiki – Follow along to the lyrics of your song without opening a new window. You can even sync the song so that it will bold the line currently being sung.

Lazify – Take the effort out of creating a new playlist. This is similar to the auto playlists in iTunes or Google Play Music. Just drag and drop a track (or several), and a playlist will be created based on the user, album, track, or artist.

Moodagent – If you enjoy Songza, then you’ll like this one. Select the mood you are in, and a playlist will be generated.

If you find an app that you think you’ll use a lot, just add it to favorites and it will appear just beneath App Finder.

Spotify Collaborative PlaylistCollaborative Playlists

Heading out on a road trip or having a party with some friends? You don’t have to take all the heat when it comes to the playlist. Make it a collaborative playlist and everybody can be involved. Just right click on the playlist and make sure Collaborative Playlist is selected.


To share a song, album, or playlist all you have to do is drag and drop or Copy/Paste into the body of the email. This will work with individual songs in Facebook or Twitter. You can share multiple songs via email.

Privacy Settings

If you just aren’t interested in everybody knowing what music you are listening to, just make sure these boxes aren’t selected and you’ll never have to worry about that again. Get there through Spotify – Preferences.

Spotify Activity Sharing

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