$70,000 KickStarter project makes plugging in iPhone in the dark an illuminating experience

Most of us these days use our cell phones as an alarm clock. If we’re not using our devices to help wake us up each morning, we almost certainly have them sitting on the table beside our beds at night. It’s just the way it is.

For me, when I go to bed each night, I’ll usually pull my iPhone or iPad over and make one last pass on Twitter before I lay my head down and try and go to sleep. Once I finish with my device, I need to plug it in and get it charged up for the next day, so I reach over the side of the bed and grasp around at wires until I find the ubiquitous white USB charging cord for my iDevices. Sometimes I accidentally grab the cord for my radio or my lamp, and there have been more than a few close calls of yanking those things off the table. Once I do get hold of my USB charging cord, I need to activate the display on my device to hopefully conjure enough light to let me make the connection between charger and device. It’s a problem (albeit a #FirstWorldProblem) but it’s something I’d like a solution for.

Enter CordLite. CordLite is a project currently on KickStarter that is looking to introduce an illuminated charger cable for Apple devices. The CordLite is designed as such that when you touch the charging head portion of the cable, a light around the top of the head turns on, making it an easy process to guide the male portion of the charger into your device. According to the inventors’ KickStarter page, they worked extensively to create a USB cable that fit with the design quality standards of Apple, and from the looks of it, the result of their efforts is an elegant device that, if priced properly, would be on the want list of thousands.

The inventors are seeking $70,000 in KickStarter money to proceed with production of CordLite, and they’ve got just over a month to raise that. A $25 KickStarter contribution will net you one of the first CordLites, expected to come out later this year. The inventors say the cords will retail for $35 when they’re officially released. A Micro USB version of the cord is in the plans, but the inventors noted on their KickStarter page that with limited resources, they wanted to focus on the Apple versions of the cords for now.

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