8 Reasons VCRs Need To Make A Comeback

Haven’t you heard? The 90′s are back. Here are 8 reasons to dust off your old VCR player.

1. DVDs scratch easily, causing infuriating skipping. Try to scratch a VHS tape. I dare you.

2.You can get used VHS tapes and VCR players for super cheap right now.

3.  Your VHS tape is always right where you left off. No need to go to scene selection to find your place.

4. VHS tapes are thicker, making your movie shelf look way more impressive.

5. Its ironic nature will give you hipster street cred.

6. You can reuse VHS tapes with relative ease. Sick of that old workout video? Record something over it. This is America. It’s a free country, no one’s going to stop you. Except DVDs. DVDs are going to stop you. You need special re-writable DVDs to pull off something like that.

7. If you sit on a DVD, you could totally ruin it. If you sit on a VHS tape, the only thing breaking is your tailbone. Durability, my friends.

8. All your Disney movies are on VHS. While you wait for all those classics to be “released from the vault”, I’ll be marathoning them all on the VCR while counting all my money I didn’t spend on movies I already own.

May your sweet reunion with your VCR player be filled with all the bliss in the world (Just don’t forget to rewind when you’re done).


  • Ballab

    I am sitting here reading all these posts and laughing so much here in Australia… you yanks get so uptight and serious over an article which was easily identified as something ‘FUNNY’, you know funny – something to lighten the mood, have a laugh! IT’S A JOKE FOLKS…. now go sit in the corner where you belong and STOP sucking your thumb.

  • ses1978


    • ses1978

      Oh and DVR might not get the whole program whereas VCR will get the whole thing.

  • LCD Dreams

    Two reasons. Tape deteriorates over time and use far more than discs, and pseudo-random access – using chapters you can access many different parts of a disc nearly instantaneously. Try that with a tape.

  • kenjames

    Beta was capable of holding more than hour in LP mode. I held on to mine for a long time. But nowadays I don’t even buy DVDs anymore. I just download from iTunes or Amazon, store it in the cloud or download to an external hard drive. It’s the 21st Century, ya’ll.

  • Meggi

    I have 3 VCRs currently hooked up to my 3 TVs. I have loads of Disney movies on VHS, that my kids watch, repeatedly. Every time someone I know finds their old VHS tapes they want to get rid of, I get first pick of their collection, at no cost to myself. Thrift stores and garage sales provide me with very cheap entertainment. I don’t want people to start using their VCRs again, cause then I’d have less to choose from. :)

  • Colin R. Covitz

    I have to disagree with almost every one of the points made by this article.

    First VHS are not making a comeback. Players are next to impossible to find (Walmart doesn’t count) and nobody sells tapes anymore. Also for what you’re gonna spend every year when that super cheap VHS player from Walmart breaks, just get the darn Blu-ray player and make your life easier.

    Second I’ll give you the point on DVD’s scratching easily, but guess what? They’ve been phasing DVDs out for over a year now. Blu-ray discs are more durable, less likely to scratch, and can actually be fully enjoyed on an HDTV. Plug the VHS player into that new flatscreen and try to enjoy the picture quality.

    Third most Blu-ray players and newer DVD players will hold your spot on the disc as well. So you get the benefit of that AND scene selection. Rewinding or fast forwarding a VHS tape takes way too long.

    Lastly VHS tapes may not bend or break easily, but the magnetic strips wear down over time and if your player gets old, it might eat the tape. You can’t replace that tape anymore.

    My two cents as a tech dork and professional home theater technician

    • *shaking my head*

      you do realize this article was a joke right? I have to take your answer as a joke or i’d be left scratching my head at the fact that your “tech dorkiness” missed the whole point…

      • Court Kizer

        Poor Colin. Colin: They are in fact making a huge comeback. Walmart said yesterday they are removing all blu-ray and returning to VHS. It’s more cost effective and with the economy being down they hope it will ramp up move sales. I saw in the memo that in your area they will be coming door to door and checking on the safety of your digital and blu-ray. You’ll be required to exchange your laptop for a VHS player. READ THE article more carefully next time :-D

      • Riddlemethis

        Where does it say the article is a joke?

  • Anonymous


  • Guest

    Hilarious..but in last image you have “prince of egypt” in the picture. That’s NOT a Disney movie, it’s Dreamworks.

  • Anonymous

    1. The tape snaps. It also wears noticeably with each play.

    2. And no new movies.

    3. And if you want to skip somewhere else, you have to wait 10 minutes for it to fast forward and rewind, guessing where the scene you want to view is.

    4. The cardboard cases also rip and look like ass.

    5. The only people who want to have that “street card” are: homosexuals and 99%ers.

    6. I agree with you, but that’s why we have DVRs. Higher quality video and you can get whatever you want – legally.

    7. Who’d leave a DVD or VCR tape on the couch?

    8. Unless you weren’t born in the 80s.

  • Riddlemethis

    Seriously, who watches DVDs any more any way? The only big advantage of VHS is the ability to take your tapes to the cottage or friends place and watch your premium programming because they dont have cable or satellite. Aside from that DVDs is better but downloading or streaming via the web is the best for watching movies and programming.

  • Dan

    I still record TV shows on my built-in VHS on my TV when I don’t have time to watch my favorite TV show, so I can go back and watch it later. As for the scratching on DVDs, I remember 2003, the first year I ever had a DVD player; I soon grew to hate DVDs because they scratched more easily and it annoyed me, which made me switch back to VHS (hence why I still have the movie “Mean Girls” on VHS and not DVD). Also, I miss the thrill of going to a movie rental place like Hollywood or Blockbuster video when I could just pick out any old movie I wanted to see. I got sick of paying a fixed price for Netflix, waiting 3 to rent a scratched DVD copy of “Gone With The Wind” to mail (I had to report like 2-3 discs as damaged). I REALLY miss those days when my mom would take me and my sister to Hollywood Video on Friday nights as kids and early teens to rent movies to watch at night while she went out clubbing with her friends. Those were the days <3

  • Doormat

    I always wished VHS could make a comeback. VHS are awesome. I remember making blocks with them

  • Carolyn Shelden Smith

    I was directed to this site because I wanted to find a VCR! Anyway, it was an amusing post. My husband & I are cleaning out our office (34.5 yrs) and find that we don’t have the means to listen to our audio cassettes, watch old home movies, or play our records!