8 Reasons VCRs Need To Make A Comeback

Haven’t you heard? The 90′s are back. Here are 8 reasons to dust off your old VCR player.

1. DVDs scratch easily, causing infuriating skipping. Try to scratch a VHS tape. I dare you.

2.You can get used VHS tapes and VCR players for super cheap right now.

3.  Your VHS tape is always right where you left off. No need to go to scene selection to find your place.

4. VHS tapes are thicker, making your movie shelf look way more impressive.

5. Its ironic nature will give you hipster street cred.

6. You can reuse VHS tapes with relative ease. Sick of that old workout video? Record something over it. This is America. It’s a free country, no one’s going to stop you. Except DVDs. DVDs are going to stop you. You need special re-writable DVDs to pull off something like that.

7. If you sit on a DVD, you could totally ruin it. If you sit on a VHS tape, the only thing breaking is your tailbone. Durability, my friends.

8. All your Disney movies are on VHS. While you wait for all those classics to be “released from the vault”, I’ll be marathoning them all on the VCR while counting all my money I didn’t spend on movies I already own.

May your sweet reunion with your VCR player be filled with all the bliss in the world (Just don’t forget to rewind when you’re done).


  • Kevin Jordan

    With VHS though the tape can get stuck (who all remembers having to get the tape off of the head after it got stuck on that when you ejected it?) and of course the image will get worse with age (unless you’re talking about D-VHS which never took off).

    • peteywheats

      DVDs can get stuck in the player too.

      • Radha

        But DVDs will still be working fine after you get them back from the player.

        • Johnathan

          Unless you bump the DVD player and it scratches the disc.

  • justwannaknow

    But won’t these be obsolete VERY SOON, if not already???

    • Michael Hobart

      A lot of tech gurus want to tell you that the DVD is already obsolete, replaced by the cloud, but not everyone can afford the high speed data connection to watch them if they are stored online, or the storage space if one has a large collection of DVDs. CD/DVD/B-R/VHS/others all had (or have) their own niche. What we need to do is to make sure that the content we want is on the media most convenient for our own purposes at a given gime.

      • Allan Richardson

        Besides, there are data overage charges with most carriers. And do you really want to tell internet spies what you watch?

  • Krywolf78

    Remember, the tape inside the VHS can be eaten by the VCR thereby crinkling, if you free it from the machine or completely ruining the tape. So the tape doesn’t play very well.

    • Anthony Franchino

      You do know that a DVD player uses a laser beam right? after time, that laser beam damages DVD’s to the point of unplayability and I bet there are people that have had a VCR for more than 20 years but have had to replace a DVD player after 5 because the components inside are cheap and break easy. I have a PS3 and after 3 years of owning it, the player just stopped working. Cost me 100 USD to get it fixed. I have a VCR from 1994 that’s in great working condition that hasn’t broken down.

      • Gdog

        I still have the first ps3 and its works as good as the day I got it

      • crissrudd4554

        My grandmother has had the same VCR for probably 20 years. I’m 21 going on 22 now and I was at her house a few months ago and its the same VCR they had when I was 4! I don’t know how often they use it but I was at their house a few years ago and used it and it was working fine

  • Hexus

    They should find a way to put disks in a hard case that can be used inside the machine, like a new version of a floppy disk.

    • Sebas

      Yeah, Sony did that and called it the MD – mini disc

      • Austin Garrett

        …and failed because consumers dont know whats good for them.

        • Hexus


        • Danny

          Not even that, it’s because Mini Disc was awful quality compared to CD, so it wasn’t an improvement AT ALL besides being a tad more durable.

      • Hexus

        And the mini disk did work well for its time, featuring no skip playback and unlimited rewriteability, so if the comeback of VCRs is so likely, modern Mds shouldn’t be that far out of the question. What if they were remade with blue-ray technology? It would virtually be a self protecting blue ray disk, resistant to all physical damages and therefore a greatly lengthened lifespan.

  • Angie

    I still have and use my VCR…….

  • john Catao

    what a waste of brain power. instead this brain power could have been used to write a more sensible article on something useful.

    • Le Dauphin

      Thinking retro, like thinking outside the can be useful

  • susan daugherty

    great …fun article!!!!!

  • Michael Hobart

    One disadvantage of VCRs – they can eat tapes and it can be an infinite hassle to remove the damaged tape :-( They always eat the one you like the most (thus watch it the most often).

    If it’s a non-commercial or over-the-air recording I’m slowly transferring my old VCR tapes to DVD. DVD’s when handled properly (no scratches, don’t sit on them) last well :-)

  • Moonmix

    Good points, but once you’re used to viewing in HD, the images from a VCR are very low res…

    • David McCray

      Not if they bring back Betamax, it is actually capable of resolutions equal to that of blueray, the only reason it lost to VHS was because Sony made it propietary, had they allowed licensing here in the States, you would have never used VHS.

      • Anthony Franchino

        The reason it lost to VHS is because of time. Beta could only hold 1 hour of video and movies were starting to come out that were over an hour long and that’s why Beta couldn’t compete. You should watch the History and Science channel. Both are very informative.

        • EP

          I was born in 1970 and I can tell you that movies were already more than 60 minutes long when both VHS and Betamax were around. I highly doubt you got your information from either of the channels you mentioned; they wouldn’t air something so ridiculous.

          • Anthony Franchino

            I was born in 1969, so check yourself trying to think you’re older than me. I still own both a Beta and a VHS. Get off your porn sites and watch some quality TV for a change because the History channel is exactly where I saw that little bit of information.

          • arkhitektor

            I believe the comment was addressing the fallacy that movies were somehow less than 1 hour long and that’s why Betamax was not able to compete. Your snide remarks only show your immaturity and further serve to discredit your opinion on the matter.

          • Anthony Franchino

            The truth cannot by definition be a snide remark or an opinion. He decides to post his age to try and discredit me by saying he’s older and mor intelligent, fact is I’m just about his equal age and for him to tell me that I got my information wrong is ridiculous means he obviously doesn’t watch educated programs. For you to stand up for him, well, that’s your problem and puts you in the same category as him. You should really learn to read the whole situation because no where did I ever state that Beta tapes were less than an hour long. So quote me correctly or don’t quote me at all moron. And I’m now done with you fool.

          • arkhitektor

            Name-calling backed up by poor grammar and spelling…intelligent.

        • Elnonio

          Anthony: “movies were starting to come out that were over an hour long ”

          Really? Beta came out in 1975.

          Wizard of Oz came out in 1939, and was 1hr 41 minutes. Gone with the wind? 1939/1940. Just 2 minutes shy of 4 hours. Need I go on?

          Pretty sure by 1975, Sony was quite aware there were movies over 1 hour in length. So while it is true that Sony did have to deal with the tape duration in standard play, it is inaccurate to say that they designed the format first, only to have to deal with longer movie durations.

        • Anon

          Both Beta and VHS had multiple tape lengths and could record with different compression. I had a Beta and some of my tapes could hold around 3.5 hours on the longest setting. To get a better picture, it used more tape and was about 1.75 hours on the same tape. VHS worked the same way. There were different recording lengths and for the longest you could get almost 6 hours on a VHS.

        • David McCray

          I thought I had posted this earlier, but I guess it didn’t take, gotta love a smart phone.

          I do watch history channel and discovery channel, and learning channel, etc etc.

          Betamax can indeed hold more than one hour. In 1977, Sony came out with the first long play Betamax VCR, the SL-8200. This VCR had two recording speeds: normal, and the newer half speed. This provided two hours recording time on the L-500 Beta videocassette. The SL-8200 was to compete against the VHS VCRs that had 2 or 4 hours of recording time. The main reason VHS won out over Betamax is that Sony refused to allow any other manufacturer to use their proprietary format. Whereas JVC (in Japan) and RCA (in the U.S.) allowed anyone to use their format (VHS) and produce machines for record and playback. Had Sony not been so uptight with their proprietary format (as we all know they love to do) Betamax would have indeed been the format of choice.

        • Randy McCarthy

          Can anyone list here any movies less than 1 hr long?

      • aaron

        Betamax is actually only able to hold about 1 hr in length ..couldn’t fit movies on em

        • dude_funk

          nope. max 3 hours using Beta III speed. albeit, lower quality

      • JSebastian

        No no no. Not true, Standard Betamax had exactly the same resolution as regular VHS. No difference. Extended Definition Betamax improved on that, but was still only 700×480, and 500 lines of picture height, which is the same as a standard DVD, which is only marginally better resolution than S-VHS.

        Blu-ray on the other hand, is true HD (1920×1080) and 1344 lines of picture height.

        • filmteknik

          Betamax and VHS were both recording standard definition video so the number of scan lines is the same and that determines vertical resolution. Horizontal resolution in the analog world varies with different recording systems and, yes, Betamax was noticeably sharper. Beta used a larger head drum. Since the drums spin at the same speed in either system a larger drum has the heads moving over the tape at a faster speed and that means they can record higher frequencies which in analog means more detail. Neither system can record the full bandwidth; only a professional recorder can do that. But Beta did record more sharpness and I always found it very noticeable. But, no, nothing like Blu-ray or even DVD.

          That was part of its downfall. Over time both systems were able to reduce the thickness of the diagonal video tracks (both systems are helical scan systems) but for any level of what I would call “track width technology,” Betamax was more consumptive of tape per unit of running time. Couple that with the smaller cassette shell (supposedly the chairman of Sony insisted that the tapes be the size of a Pocket Book), and thus you have the first generation of standard thickness tape (the L500 cassette) and the Beta-1 speed only good for an hour while VHS first gen could do two. This was quickly improved with narrower heads & tracks so they could slow the tape down (Beta-2 speed) and get two hours on that tape and cassettes with thinner tape (L750) which could do 3 hours. Later, the Beta-3 speed (narrower tracks again) could do 4.5 hours on the thinner tape and a super thin tape could up that to 5. But VHS was making steps to 4 hours and to 6 hours without needing thinner tape. (Their thin tape cassette could do 8 hours.)

          I’m sure Sony’s terms for licensing were also a role. It’s really too bad they failed in the market because besides the sharper picture Sony Betamax was first with advanced features being able to see a picture while scanning ahead or back, HiFi audio recording, etc.

          Betamax should not be confused with Betacam which was a professional format which also used Betamax tape shells in the small tapes used in their pro camcorders. Unlike Betamax, Betacam was hugely successful and continues today in HD versions like HDCam and HDCam SR.

          The other camp did create a pro format using VHS-shaped tapes but it (M-Format) was mediocre and justifiably failed. Another try was called MII and was technically good but didn’t sell well though NBC embraced it for a while.

          • JSebastian

            Great info, thanks.

  • CJO

    We still have one for the kids as easy for them to use.

    That being said, very funny!

    To john Catao, it is unfortunate you have no humor.

  • amaryllis

    Or you can just download movies like I do and then you don’t need a DVD or VHS player! All those movies and music just clutter up your house!

  • FroFro

    Now give me 8 reasons why I should bring out my 8-Track Hi-Fi stereo…

    • ReaHowarth

      Sounds way better.

  • Mr.Ginger, Sir

    One word: Digital.

  • della roberts

    VHS is the best and cheap – Garage sales are full of great movies. Just Be Kind… Rewind.

  • simone

    And to think people get paid to write stupid articles like this. Im in the wrong business!

    • Chris

      There’s always at least one person who has to criticize the article or the author for not living up to his/her expectations. Thanks for being that one person :)

  • Waste Not Resale Shop

    Even if the VCR eats the tape you can replace the tape and the VCR for less than half the price of a new DVD. VCR is around $4,99 and tapes are around $.49

  • L.D.

    The best thing to buy is a DVD/VCR combo, which still sell at various electronics locales. That way, if you have DVD movies or whatever is on them to watch, you can do so, and if you wish to record a program via the VCR, you can also do that. This 2-in-1 combo is convenient.

    And oh yeah, those VCR tapes deteriorate over time. What is really annoying is when you see ‘snow’ after having used said tape several times. VCR mechanisms need to be cleaned once in a while using special VCR cleaning kits that clean the capstan and other parts of the inside.

  • Allan Richardson

    It was recently reported that the Russian spy agency FSB (formerly the KGB) is going begin writing memos on TYPEWRITERS and circulating them by mail, or at worst, fax. WHY? Typewriters are not connected to the internet, and a document can be traced back to its typewriter (just as a bullet can be traced back to its gun).

    This shows how sometimes the old ways are better. And by the way, the option of viewing movies in the “cloud” can be very expensive with data overage charges from the carrier. Besides, no one can find out, except by physically searching your premises, exactly which movies you are watching on your VCR (wink wink nudge nudge). <>

  • 40 is the new 20

    My 4 year old twins are now enjoying movies on VHS that I purchased for my 18 year old when he was their age. They can work the VCR themselves and have fun doing it. However, VHS tapes are bulky and not good for travel. Our DVD collection comes with us in the car or to the airport. There never was a portable VCR/Player that can fit into a carry on.

  • Tony Perez

    Oh! I still love VCR tapes and Cassettes. What I like the most about them is that I can always put the them back together if they brake or get tangled; but try to do that with a CD or DVD. Plus; I had tapes for as long as I could remember. My last tapes lasted for about 16 years and I’m sure whoever has them today is still using them because I threw them away. I think the main reason most people made the switch was space. That’s why I got rid of them. But it’s like you said; we do throw away more CD’s & DVD’s because of scratches that create more stress than relaxation. I still keep a few but not as I did. I had like 3 boxes but they took spaceI needed for something else. Anyway; great memories. Thanks!

  • K Hawkins

    Number eight is a great point..but I love my

  • Han shoots first.

    Han shoots first!!!! Only on the VHS version of Star Wars.
    My kids are only allowed to watch the VHS version do they know what really went down.

    • Mr. Hesse


      There was a release of the theatrical version of the original trilogy on DVD.

  • drumquest

    Most VCR’s can be used as tuners.

  • AversaS

    Plus, if you fall asleep to a VHS, you wake up to a silent blue screen. A DVD/Blu Ray will blare its menu screen music, thus giving you a heart attack and killing you.

    • cmc

      Actually, you wake up to really loud fuzz on my VCR and auto rewinds and starts playing the movie again.

  • Mr. Hesse

    You dare me to scratch a VHS tape? Cute. I dare you to try and wear out a DVD or put a kink in the tape that renders it unplayable. I’ll wait.

  • Bob

    There is nothing like going to a video store and checking out all the fun porn movie titles – like Saving Ryan’s Privates and Sleeping With Everyone In Seattle. But, seriously where surgical gloves when picking up the video boxes there….

  • Gary

    Hmmm, you mean VCR’s and 8-Tracks are obsolete??? Wow, what’s my reel to reel then?

  • manxy

    Got one for the kids gave them my disney collection they are in love.

  • http://patrickspcrepair.com/ Patrick K.

    we have a dvd/vcr combo!

  • Lydia Hill

    NO WAY! I don’t use DVD’s or CD, streaming and downloads are the way to go, we don’t need the clutter of stands, racks and boxes for all that junk.

  • meh301

    Computer data needs to make a comeback. Screw physical copies. Infinite backups FTW

  • SouthSquaw

    Yea! I totally agree. Had the cable DVR box my grandson was so disappointed he could not take the movie home with him. Love love love my VCR. Follow a show that HULU does not. I record and watch, rewind and record again. Quality not spectacular, but good enough for me to sit back and enjoy my show. And hey when go on a trip, rewind and catch up. Company drops by, stop turn off, later pop on and wala right where I left off. Sometimes newer is not always better.



  • Nonymous

    You just can’t have decent sex with a DVD player

  • GeekSter

    Don’t look now Allan R. but along with the Typewriter, I have it on good authority that they are thinking about bring back………Carbon Paper also. Doh, will it ever end?

  • Hugejass

    I can store 500 movies on a drive that fits in my pocket, with complete adding and deleting capabilities, vs lugging 500 VHS cassettes?

  • MotownMike

    All of my Disney movies ARE on VHS. How did you know?

    • Court Kizer

      Because you haven’t watched them in 15 years. No adult really does unless they have kids. We want to but we just don’t have time :-D

  • Rafa

    Read your DVD user manual, point 3 is programmable in most DVD players.

  • Chris Martinez , Ennis, Texas

    We still use our VCR ever since the day we first bought our first back in the 80′s. We watch home videos and still record TV shows, since we do not have a DVR. We can’t live without our VCR!! And can use a tape to record over and over and over!

  • nancy

    My dad will only watch VHS & buys them at yard sales for as little as 25 cents, sometimes never opened.

  • Junior

    What is VCR – VHS ?

  • dixiecrystals

    You get to keep tape vcr tapes with important things that you have to delete with your satellite dvrs. Things tape won’t get kicked out because of lack of space. You can go to a specific section and not have to watch everything on the tape if you don’t want to. You can tape just a section and stop taping more easily. You can tape eight hours straight if you like on them. I am going to get me one. I noticed a new one at Walmart that you can hook up to your satellite channel and record.

  • xeuropn

    My best 80′s concerts and music videos are on VHS.

  • greatrichy

    With this arguments this guy convince me NOT TO GO BACK to vhs. ? I think he is smocking something funy.

  • Trish

    Mine never left there in each of my bedroom you get to record your shows if u don’t have a DVR

  • Laura

    I miss being able to watch my childrens videos of Birthdays, etc. as I know longer own a VCR. Many of my babies tapes are the smaller type that you needed a larger video to insert it into. I used to tape a soap opera every day with my VCR now I pay monthly to tape it on the DVR. I do love many features of the DVR though. I came across a big box of casette tapes full of all the old music I loved. I can’t bear to toss them out but no longer have a casette tape to play them on I remember taking it to the beach and listening to all my favorites. Problem was sand getting into the tapes is not so good.

    • Chris

      You can buy an adaptor four three small tapes that allows you to play them inn a vcr. With this device you place the small tape inside the adaptor and it then acts like a normal vhs tape. You won’t find these adaptors in many stores, but EBay likely had had them. Amazon or other sites many have them too. All you need is the brand name of your original tapes and preferably the model/type that you’re trying to adapt. Chris

  • serloren

    I still use my VHS to transfer stuff to DVD – including my old movies!

    I bought ‘em, I paid for ‘em, and I can make DVD (or any other video format I choose) copies for my own use under the “Fair Use” provisions of existing copyright law – no matter what the studios try and say, it IS legal!

  • bob

    The things i really miss about the VCR is the sound the THX thing used to make befor some disney movies, the lamp that stomped the pixar i, and the two robot things that try to fix the THX letters. I know these dont do much in relation to vcr, but you cant get the noise in dvd but u can on vhs. also, the lamp and the robots are just for the sake of child hood memories. you just never see them nowadays.

  • Steve

    Its “hilarious” to me what the internet has done to people. Folks slinging insults and names at each about the merits of a vcr. Nevermind…SAD was the right word NOT hilarious.

  • kat

    too bad lost ALL except a few in a flood few months ago…so sad… and the VCR player