8 T-Shirts To Buy If You Love BuzzFeed

Sloth T-Shirt

Here are BuzzFeed posts about sloths. T-shirt at Etsy.

Corgi T-Shirt

Here are BuzzFeed posts about corgis. T-shirt at CafePress.

Honey Badger

BuzzFeed posts about honey badgers. T-shirt at CafePress.

Animated GIF

T-shirt by NiteLifeTshirts.

T-Shirt For Your Cat

Cat t-shirts at Poochieheaven.com.

BuzzFeed Logo

There’s an actual BuzzFeed t-shirt at CafePress.


BuzzFeed has a lot of fail posts. This fail shirt is from CafePress.

Grumpy Cat

BuzzFeed knows everything about Grumpy Cat. Here’s a Grumpy Cat t-shirt from Etsy.

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