$849 for a baby stroller?

$849 bucks for a stroller?  Are you serious?  It better be able to fold itself up into a teeny tiny little ball that is easy to lift and carry and then unfold itself on demand.  Oh wait, that’s exactly what it will do!  You know how in movies when there is a scene with a new parent with their new stroller, and they can’t for the LIFE of them get the stroller to snap or unsnap, or lock into place or unlock.  Well I am here to admit that happens! That really happens! I have been a parent for 2 years and strollers are temperamental little buggers. But that’s ok!  Your stroller parenting woes are over. Brought to you by 4moms check out this stellar self folding strolling beauty!

The best part about this stroller is the small generator that recharges itself every 300 feet.  You don’t have to worry about running out of or paying for batteries.  The stroller comes stocked with all the normal accessories, plus a pedometer, daytime running lights, and more. But is it really worth $849?