A 2-in-1 telephoto lens and tripod for your iPhone

One of the things I’ve noticed as I’ve browsed Pinterest and other such sites is the ever growing demand for iPad and iPhone accessories. One of the biggest trends right now seems to be the emergence of camera accessories for the iPhone.

The iPhone 4 and 4S already have impressive cameras built in. It’s hard to believe how far the camera phone has come. Because the cameras are the quality of an actual honest-to-goodness camera, people have wanted to use the same fancy ways they would a normal camera. However, there are a few limitations, just like any other camera, that require special accessories. There are a variety of lenses and products on the market to accomplish this. One of the ones that have caught my eye recently is the Sanwa iPhone Telephoto Zoom Lens.

The Sanwa lens provides a x12 zoom and a small, portable tripod that allows you to rotate the phone/camer 360 degrees. The simple little gadget makes it possible for you to get those awesome sightseeing pictures while visiting somewhere interesting, and at only $63 it won’t break the bank the way a telephoto lens for a DSLR would.

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