A 3D Printer Anyone Can Afford

I recently watched an episode of The Big Bang Theory.  It was the one where Raj and Howard decide it’s a good investment to purchase their own miniature version action figures.  And then it doesn’t turn out so well, so they purchase a used 3D printer “for only” 1,000 bucks and make their own dolls for free? You know, this one.

Well, now there actually is an affordable 3D printer in the world so you can make your own miniature action figure of yourself or whatever else might float your boat.  The Buccaneer 3D printer seeks to make 3D printing affordable enough so that everyone can afford to use it.  The project is currently being funded on Kickstarter but has more than surpassed their 100K goal – about four times over.  The price of this 3D printer is projected at $347 – a pittance next to the $2,200 you’d be shelling out for a competing version.

You can watch this video and learn more about The Buccaneer or just trust it’s awesome and fund it.


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