A little yellow robot can dance, touch, and perform charity work.

KeepOn was made to help people with autism therapy. It’s a cute little yellow robot that dances to music and responds to interaction.

The yellow blob-like My Keepon is a small stationary robot that reacts to touch and music. It’s been tickling audiences over the web for years, but in a month from now, you’ll be able to take home one of your own.

The little My Keepon robot has two modes: music and touch. If you set the little guy in music mode, it will listen for a rhythm using sophisticated beat detection software. The cool part is, it can either detect strong beats, like hand clapping or drum hits, or it can listen carefully to react to more complicated music.

You can see in the video that the “dancing” is a mix of squirming up and down, leaning side to side and rotating around his base, and the style varies depending on the music being played. You can choose which mode you want it in with one of two buttons toward the bottom of its black base.

When you set the yellow bot to touch, sensors on his head, a mic in his nose, and sensors on his belly will react to your movement.

“He doesn’t like being poked in his butt,” said Marek Michalowski, co-creator of the robot. When My Keepon is poked in the rear, it issues an indignant exclamation and sometimes turns around to “see” who did it.

But what’s really cool is that the robot is now dancing for a good cause. A portion of proceeds from the My Keepon toy go back toward putting more research Keepons in the hands of clinics working with autism.

The My Keepon robot will be available for purchase in late October for less than $50.

Source: Wired.com

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