A Message From The North Pole

Share the joy of Christmas with the good boys and girls in your life by creating a free, personalized video from Santa Claus at the North Pole by visiting here.

Creating these videos is a very easy process, almost magical you could say…  Upload a few details about the child receiving the video along with a few photos, then enter your email address. You’ll be allowed to preview the video and if you are happy with it, a link will be sent to you. You can also share the video on Facebook and Twitter. My sister-in-law recently did this for her two kids and they went absolutely nuts over it!

However, this site isn’t just for kids.  You can choose a setting geared towards adults to let a friend or someone special know if they made Santa’s naughty or nice list.  It’s a great way to spread some holiday cheer or perhaps play a prank or two.

You can also download the app for your iPhone.  It’s super easy to use so you can create these personalized videos on the go. Either way you choose to do it, it is a fun and easy way to spread the magic of the season.

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