A Revolutionary New Camera Lets you Alter Photos You’ve Already Taken

Ever wished you could go back and edit the content of a photo you’ve already snapped? Focus on this feature instead of that one? A revolutionary new “light field” camera lets you do just that.

Created and recently released by a Silicon Valley start-up, the Lytro camera is unlike anything currently on the market. Lytro distinguishes itself as a device that captures “living pictures” or photos that can be refocused after they are taken, either directly on the camera’s touch screen or using specially designed software.

Lytro does this by capturing light in a different way than traditional point and shoot cameras. By recording the direction of light rays that hit it’s lens, the camera captures more and different information that then allows for more editing capabilities after the fact. Lytro also measures its resolution in a different way than other cameras. Instead of pixels, Lytro boasts a resolution of 11 megarays meaning that it captures 11 million light rays.

If its features weren’t convenient enough, Lytro also comes sleekly and portably designed with a lens at one end of a small rectangular body and a touchscreen viewfinder at the other. With an 8x optical zoom, very few buttons and a long lasting battery, Lytro weighs in at only 7.55 ounces.

Although the camera is far from perfect, lacking features such as a flash and video capabilities, the technology is exciting and worth keeping an eye on.

Lytro is available in three fun colors and both 8GB and 16GB sizes for $399 and $499 respectively. To learn more about the camera, visit lytro.com or watch Lytro’s videos at vimeo.com.

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