A sneak peak at Google’s upcoming social photo app

App screenshot from photovine.com

Google just released PhotoVine, a new photo-sharing app, but hasn’t yet released it to the public.

What exactly does it do?

PhotoVine is a photo sharing application with a twist. You don’t just share photos. You start a photo conversation. Or, as PhotoVine puts it, you “Plant a photo, [and] watch it grow.”

Here’s how it works, according to their video:

  1. Take a picture of something
  2. Title your picture with a topic that others can reply with their own photos. The example in the video is “Warm and Fuzzy”
  3. Other people see your picture and topic, and take a picture of their own to match the title of your photo.
  4. The process repeats, with other people adding their own photos to make the photo stream grow.

It seems like your photos will go out to the whole world to see, making it very social, but also very public. So be careful about what seeds you plant.

There are a lot of photo sharing apps like the popular Instagram or Color, each with their own focus. Some applications have similar features, where you can photo reply to other users’ photos.

However, PhotoVine was developed by Slide, which was acquired by Google last year. Slide may be working independently from Google+ and Picasa, but with Google+ moving to the forefront of Google’s army, many are wondering if PhotoVine will eventually integrate with Google+.

The app is now available on the app store, but you still have to request an invite to use share photos. Download the app from the app store or request an invite at PhotoVine.com. Let us know how it goes if you get an invite!




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