After Playing With This Soccer Ball For 30 Minutes You Can Use It To Power A Light For Three Hours

In developed countries, one of the things we frequently take for granted is access to electricity, specifically, handy access to light.

Truth is, in some parts of the world, power and light are hard to come by, and that can make simple things like reading at night, or studying if you’re a child, difficult to accomplish once the sun sets.

Uncharted Fun is a New York-based company whose employees are hoping to make it a little easier for kids in the third world to get access to light after a day of playing with a product they are trying to raise money for on Kickstarter. The product is Soccket, a soccer ball that generates power as it is being kicked around. Soccket can actually generate enough energy to power a LED light for about three hours with just 30 minutes of being kicked around.

As of Friday morning, Soccket had more than 500 backers and $45,000 of the $75,000 in development funding its creators were seeking on the crowd funding site, and with 20 days remaining in the campaign, the prospects of Soccket reaching its funding goal are high. This is good news for a product that is pretty innovative and can actually accomplish a lot of good in third-world countries. As a soccer ball itself, Soccket is just one ounce heavier than a typical ball, so it will still be suitable for play with kids who are most likely already kicking a ball around during times of play. To be able to bring some form of energy, even if it’s just enough to power a small light for a few hours, into homes that otherwise wouldn’t have power, could be a great first step in helping bring families in utility-deprived villages up to speed.

Beyond the third-world, the creators of Soccket also have on their roadmap additional applications for the soccer ball, such as an adapter that would allow the ball to be used as an emergency cell phone charger.

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