AIRE mask: You breathe into it and it charges your iPhone

It’s about time you put all that breathing to good use.

With the invention of the smartphone brought the necessity for creativity in keeping the dang thing powered, considering how quickly smartphones drain the battery. A new concept design from Joao Paulo Lammaglia uses the power of your breath to recharge your iPhone. The user simply straps on the AIRE face mask, hooks it up to their iOS device, and their breath is converted into energy via small wind turbines.

According to the designer, the AIRE mask can be used in any situation, both indoors or outdoors. It can be worn most obviously while sleeping or sitting at a desk, but it can also be worn while walking or doing housework. Not only is it more environmentally friendly than the standard way of charging your phone, but it also encourages physical activity since heavier breathing = more power.

The AIRE won a RedDot Design Award: Best of the Best in 2011. The device isn’t in production yet, but Lammaglia hopes to make it reality soon.

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  • DiLuzio Family

    Both my kids and I hope that this device becomes available soon…..reasonably priced of course !! :)

  • pew pew

    no one cared how my phone was charged until I put this mask on

  • Max Cerny

    Do you know where I can buy AIRE online to Czech republic