Amazon A9 Founder to Join Apple and Run Siri


According to AllThingsD, Apple has hired Amazon A9′s co-founder and CEO William Stasior to take the helm of the voice recognition program Siri. Stasior, who holds a PhD from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, formerly led product and engineering for the Search & Navigation team at Amazon before finding the independent search company A9. The move of hiring Stasior hints at Apple’s further departure from its relationship with Google by strengthening Apple’s search and search advertising technology., a fully owned subsidiary of Amazon, was founded in 2004 as a company to focus on search and search advertising technologies. A9 integrated Google search results with Amazon data that allowed for unique and efficient research. Since then, A9 has become one of the key search tools in many websites including IMDB.

It is expected that Stasior will use his impressive track record in informational retrieval and advanced user interfaces to carry Siri farther than it is today. Hopefully, Stasior can lend a hand in developing the search results within iOS Maps in the near future.

Image Source: Flickr

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