Amazon Instant Video now for iPhone and iPod Touch

Hope you’re ready to waste more time watching video on your iOS devices. It’s been a few months since we got Amazon Instant Video for the iPad. The most common question I get asked: “Why don’t they have it on the iPhone?”

More Mobile

There are quite a few iPhones and iPod Touches out there, and Amazon’s general business model is to sell content rather than hardware. So it makes sense for them to create an Instant Video app for the more mobile iOS devices.

The app is free, and if you subscribe to Prime, it will quickly be an app that you check for TV and Movies often. We’re all very used to internet video with limited libraries. Amazon has a few impressive titles.

No AirPlay

The second biggest issue is the lack of Airplay. Even mirroring is disabled. The Amazon Instant Video app is smooth and stable. If you have a Prime membership, it’s a no brainer. Let’s all just hope they get AirPlay down soon.

Source: Amazon

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