Amazon Kindle Tablet? Let the speculation begin

Okay, okay, if you are tired of tech rumors and speculation, then you better move onto the next post on the ZAGG blog, because this one is saturated with them.

The last couple of weeks, I have been reading and hearing various tech pundits mention, almost in passing, the possibility of an Amazon tablet. I’m not talking about their Kindle, but a full, iPad fightin’, color screen, touch tablet. I personally hadn’t seen many posts with much murmuring and evidence to back it up (though after researching for the this article, there is in fact a least some slivers of possibility) but as I began to think about the current state of things, a product like that seemed like it could be well on its way. Read my speculation below:

1. iPad competitor:

Love it or hate it, the iPad (and a few other similar products) is really taking the masses by storm. It’s not just the devices themselves, but the content that is being purchased for them. Content selling is Amazon’s thing, and they are good at it too. A device to sell not only Kindle books, but also Amazon Video and Amazon MP3s on would definitely excite the company and thus would justify such a product.

2. Amazon Appstore for Android:

Amazon recently unveiled their Amazon Appstore for Android to showcase and sell various apps for Android, including a daily giveaway of paid applications for the Google devices. Amazon’s seemingly close connection with Google would allude that perhaps this future tablet would run a version of Android itself and buddy up the two companies against the masses who are hoping to stay on the tablet bandwagon themselves.

3. Amazon Cloud Drive:

Amazon’s recently announced Cloud Drive and Cloud Player are other indicators that Amazon is banking that mobile devices and multiple work/play stations are here to stay. The ability to access and stream all of your content from a tablet device definitely would have its advantages. Especially if a lot of that content was editable and savable. Did you know you can already use your Amazon Cloud Player on Android to play your MP3s via a handy app? I’m just saying.

4. Repositioning Kindle:

When the original Kindle was released in 2007, the device was a hefty $399. Obviously, with things like this, prices usually go nowhere but down, but where to hold your ground? Well, currently an ad supported Kindle is available for $114. Now that is cheap. My theory is that Amazon is moving their Kindle line to a low-low price point to make room for a tablet device that can run with the big tablet boys in the the $499-$799 range.

Well, those are just a few of my conspiracy theories. What do you think? Plausible or do you think we’ll never see anything slab like via Amazon except for the Kindle and tile you can buy for your bathroom for a ridiculously low price? Sound off in the comments….

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  • Justin Erickson

    very well written post. all of your reasons would make amazon dumb if they didnt release a tablet.

  • Tom Losh

    B&N Nook Color is an already existing possibility, too… at an excellent price. Not marketed as a full fledged “tablet,” but it is a 7 inch, color screen, Android e-reader. Depends on how much power one really needs. (Personally I’m waiting for the HP WebOS tablet.)

  • Keith Elderkin Stacey

    Very interesting…. I too think Amazon would be dumb not to consider this!