Amazon Offers $0.69 MP3 Songs

To draw attention away from iTunes and other music-buying sites, Amazon has launched discounted MP3 songs. While you may be worried that they are obscure, weird songs that only 10 people in the world would every want to download, they are offering chart-topper songs.

Amazon was originally offering these songs for $0.89, which is already cheaper than iTunes’ prices. They recently lowered these songs down by $0.20. Quite a big leap when they were already beating out their main competitors prices. Apple, currently, asks about $1.29 for the same exact songs.

While they have made these price adjustments, “Amazon’s market share remains where it has been the last two years, around 10%, while Apple continues to have about 70% of the digital download music market, according to Russ Crupnick, digital music analyst at the NPD Group.”

Some of the best new songs for the cheap price include: E.T. – Kay Perry, On the Floor – Jennifer Lopez, Judas – Lady Gaga, Forget You – Cee Lo Green, Jar of Hearts – Christina Perri.

As an alternative to iTunes, Amazon offers their own music library download called the CloudPlayer. When you buy your music from Amazon, it will automatically save itself into your Amazon Cloud Drive. From there, you can launch the Could Player and listen to your purchase. You can browse and search your library, create playlists, and download your songs to your computer.

I am definitely going to check out Amazon’s deals – they seem to good to be true! I’m glad to see Apple’s iTunes aren’t ruling the market. Just go to to download your cheap songs!

Source: Amazon,, LA Times

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