Amazon Rumored To Be Developing Its Own Set-Top Box For Streaming Video users can already access the company’s library of video content on a large range of devices, including Amazon’s own Kindle line of products, but reports Wednesday suggest that the e-commerce giant is primed to release its own set-top box for streaming to television sets.

Such a device would compete with other set-top boxes like Roku, Boxee, and Apple TV, Bloomberg Businessweek reports. Interestingly, most of those devices already allow users to stream video content to their televisions, but Amazon owning its own device would have the dual benefit of keeping customers within its own ecosystem and would give developers of applications for the Kindle platform an added venue for their work to be sold and seen.

Bloomberg notes that Amazon’s box (can we call it Kindle TV?) comes at a time when the company has made some major moves in the content space. Last week, Amazon launched several pilot episodes for television series it produced on its own, with the intention being to gather data on which shows were resonating with users so they could proceed to develop some of the pilots into full series. Amazon also has been aggressive in securing exclusive rights to popular television series like Downton Abbey, Bloomberg reported.

An Amazon box would enter a crowded space, with the aforementioned set top boxes already having first-mover positioning in the market, but with competition on a number of other fronts including Internet-enabled TVs, game consoles, satellite and cable company boxes, and other devices. The move would give Amazon some skin in the game, however, and could perhaps find its biggest slice of the set top box pie by creating some innovative and interesting integrations between its Kindle Fire devices and the television set, helping to create second screen viewing opportunities that are not seamless or are non-existent with other technologies today.

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