This Pilot Gives You A Tour Of His FAA-Approved iPad In The Cockpit [VIDEO]

Back in 2011, the Federal Aviation Administration approved the use of iPads as replacements for flight maps and charts that pilots traditionally have carried on paper. All these books and manual together make for a flight bag weighing in between 30 and 40 pounds that every pilot has to lug around. American Airlines was the first airline here in the U.S. to win the FAA’s approval for ditching those paper maps, charts and manuals. The video below is an interview with one of their pilots who demonstrates part of how they’ll put the iPad to use in the cockpit.

And this begs the question – if pilots are using iPads as their primary source of maps, charts and manuals for how to fly the plane, why do we (as passengers) still have to turn ours off during takeoff and landing? The good news is, that actually could be changing by the end of this year.


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