Amplifiear, simple geometry taken from a gramophone to make your iPad sound better. (via @jkhowland)

I love the iPad speaker. It’s powerful, and way better than the speakers of my mobile devices in the past.

But it points the wrong way!

This isn’t the first electricity free speaker accessory I’ve reviewed for the iPad. It seems like this is a bit of a common theme. There must be quite a few people that get sick of holding the iPad in their hand and cupping it so the sound comes around front.
Not small

If you want something to give some energy free juice to the music on your iPad, you may want to check out Aplifiear. The team at Nonlinear Studio has created a simple clip-on device that gives a pretty awesome enhancement to the iPad’s integrated speaker.

Not only does it make it louder, it redirects and reflects the sound of the iPad to the front of the device.

Looks like a Mickey Mouse Ear

Amplifiear comes with a tension clip, and will easily fit a new iPad, or the iPad 2. It’s easily carried in a bag with your iPad.

The Amplifear slides onto the top corner of the tablet, giving it an ear-like appendage. The lightweight and recyclable plastic ear was conceived by Evan Clabots. He created it because the back-facing speaker of the iPad has less than optimal sound.

This is another Kickstarter project, but it’s a pretty reasonable one. For only $15, you can help make it happen, and get one of your own.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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