An App That Finds Free Condoms… Seriously?!

The tagline of “there’s an app for that” just reached new heights. I am constantly prowling the interwebs for new and exciting blog material, and this was one that was just too hard to pass up. The app “NYC Condom Finder” is actually a real thing. The app scours New York City and provides the user with the nearest point from where they can obtain free condoms. Even now I can only picture over-enthusiastic college males rejoicing in the streets.

I was as astounded as you to hear about the creation of such an app. Hidden behind the many layers of hilarity and the millions of jokes, there is a serious purpose for the app. It is in correlation with National Condom Awareness Day. Yeah, it’s a real holiday, I looked it up. The general principle behind the app is to promote safe-sex and increase awareness about safe-sex practices. In addition, the app has several tips regarding the use and risks of condoms.

So sadly enough there is a legitimate cause behind the app. To be honest though, if I were to find a condom-finder” app on a friend’s phone, I can only imagine the weeks/months/years of ridicule that would ensue. It is a cool idea though I think, and I definitely respect the emphasis on safe-sex practices. Admittedly though, I was a little disappointed though to find out the legitimate cause, mainly because it would be so much easier ridicule if there was none. So, if you are in New York City without any money and are in desperate need of a condom, “there’s an app for that”.

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