An App To Help You Get Rid Of Telemarketing Calls And Texts

Not that many moons ago, we blogged about how to add your number to the do not call registry.  Telemarketing calls are only good for two things: job creation, entertainment.  In terms of the latter, make sure the next time you receive an unwanted call, you hand the phone to a small child and tell them it’s Santa on the line.

Even with the Do Not Call registry, you may still find that you have a problem with receiving calls from unknown numbers.  This becomes even more frustrating when it’s your mobile number.  Well, now there’s an app that can help squash unwanted telemarketing calls and report the offenders that do get through.

Lookup+ by PrivacyStar adds a new layer of protection to block telemarketing calls.  Not only that, but it allows you to easily report violators who have contacted you, despite your listing on the Do Not Call registry.  Another key features is a personal and business number identifier, as well as a reverse phone lookup.  An unwanted call typically results in either an answered call and an annoyed recipient or a missed call and a subsequent Google search to identify the number that called.

Depending on your phone type (Android, iOS, Blackberry), features may vary.  Additional useful features are a blocking and reporting feature for text spam (the next big threat), and a Do Not Disturb feature.

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