Android 4.4 To Be Called KitKat

Yes, you read that right.

Sundar Pichai, Google’s SVP of Android and Chrome confirms on Twitter:

KitKat also confirms on Twitter:

Additionally, more than 50 million KitKat bars sold in 19 different markets around the world will be specially marked with Android and may contain prizes including a new Google Nexus 7 and Google Play credit. Be on the lookout for those soon.

Android confirms on Google+:


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  • scott razr

    While the idea for Key Lime Pie as an Android O.S. name was kind of lame and unexciting, the use of a commercial brand name is worse. Kool-Aid would have been better if they were going to go that route. It’s more of an “iconic” brand name that has transcended the product and become part of culture. A Kit-Kat is just another candy bar like Snickers, Milky Way and doesn’t even have the company “Star Bar” power of a Hershey Bar or a Nestle’s Crunch. While it smacks a little close to Ice Cream Sandwich even a “K” starting Klondike Bar has more of an original feel than Kit-Kat. Well, that’s my rant. I’m gonna go out and drown myself in a barrel of Kettle-corn.

    • Jason Craig

      it (Kool-Aide) could also be associated with Jonestown, which may be an accurate representation of current poop culture, smells sweet but it kills you in the end

      • scott razr

        Millions of people grew up drinking Kool-Aid. I thought of Jonestown too, but that’s only one piece of Kool-Aids almost hundred year history. Nevertheless, that was suggested “If” an ICONIC [their word choice, not mine] commercial brand name was wanted. I didn’t feel it was the best either because going with any brand name, or a liquid, departs from what has become the tradition. Specifically, naming Android O.S.s after treats or desserts unconnected to any one company. Kit-Kat has the odd characteristic of being sold by Hershey in the U.S. and Nestlé in the rest of the world. Hmm, yeah it certainly sounds like a money decision for product promotion. Commercially, they probably couldn’t have made a better choice. My actual final suggestion of Kettle Corn would have been best as it, like all previous operating system names, is not connected to a specific company (although Honeycomb comes close as also being the name of a cereal- though not exclusively). In the end, money makes money and money wants more money. So, Kit-Kat it is; and all other suggestions, like former presidential hopefuls, fall by the wayside onto a pile of disremembrances and obscure answers to trivia questions.

  • Randy

    Man,Google is such a sell out. They’ll even name their operating system for an advertisement.