Will Your Android Phone Will Work with Android Wear Smartwatches?

It would seem everybody’s making a smartwatch these days. LG and Samsung are shipping theirs, Motorola’s ‘Moto 360′ is set to debut in the next couple months, and there’s little doubt other manufacturers have similar products in the pipeline. So, how do you know if the Android phone you have will work with these (and future) smartwatches? There’s an app for that. Err – a website.

From your phone, point your browser to http://g.co/WearCheck. Android Wear smartwatches require Android 4.3 or later to take advantage of the full range of functionality, including placing and receiving calls and notifications. If your device is running Android 4.3 or newer, you’ll see this screen letting you know you’re good to go.


If you’re an iPhone user hoping to pick up the new Moto 360 or any other Android Wear smartwatch, or if you’re using an older version of Android prior to version 4.3, you’re out of luck for now.

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