Angry Birds are back… again…

The success of the Angry Birds franchise is bordering on ridiculous. Rovio recently released the “Rio” version of the game. It is based off of the upcoming animated motion picture from Fox. In just 10 days after the launch of the new game, it peaked past 10 million downloads. At a rate of over a million downloads per day it just goes to show the dominance of the Angry Birds franchise.

It is simply amazing to me the immense success that has emerged from such a basic and simple concept; you slingshot the birds at a structure in order to knock it down. The amazing thing is that Rovio has not deviated from this concept, and still sees huge success. While there are varying storylines, the base concept remains the same, and people remain absolutely enthralled by these little birds.

It kinds of reminds me of a more advanced version of “Kitten Cannon” and other various games that exist on sites such as  Those were more mindless, but stem from the same basic idea. I am sure that all of those game-makers are kicking themselves for not making the advancements that have made Angry Birds so popular.  I definitely did not buy the app, mainly because I am currently without a smart phone (see my iPhone 4 vs. iPhone 5 post), but that is beside the point. Every time a new Angry Birds game comes out I’m amazed. How long will the fame of these little red birds last? Who knows, but my guess is about as far as you can slingshot them.

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