Angry Birds Making the Move to Facebook: Definitely Bi-Winning

The masses without a smart-phone can finally rejoice; the Angry Birds are flinging their way onto Facebook. Recent announcements promise that the unbelievably popular game will be making its move to Facebook sometime in April. Everything seems to be staying the same with the game format, though there are certain to be some extra tweaks for the Facebook launch. Game developers have hinted that pigs will have a different role.

To be entirely honest with you I haven’t cared at all about the meteoric rise of the Angry Birds game. Outside of the fact that it provides something interesting to write about, it doesn’t really attract me that much. However, that is because I spend the majority of my day on a computer rather than on my phone. More specifically I spend a disproportionate amount of that time perusing Facebook and wasting my existence away on CityVille and other such games. Now that the Angry Birds are making their way into my realm in Facebook, I shudder to think at the hours of productivity I will lose when it comes out.

So far the Angry Birds have made their way onto almost all of the phone platforms, inspired a mini-series and a movie and will be making the transition into 3-D. Only Charlie Sheen’s couch has seen more action than these little Angry Birds. The transition to Facebook is only going to amplify the reach of the little red birds as it opens up the game to an enormous new network. So, if in about a month or so you see my blog posts take a dramatic decline in frequency, then blame the birds.

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  • Dee

    Charlie Sheen jokes. How topical.