Angry Birds, meet Angry Turds

So I’m sure you’ve all heard of, seen, or played the app “Angry Birds” by now.  And if you have, you know how addicting it can be.  Well, App Man Adam Kotkin has…”stepped it up a notch?”  He has come up with a new app, very similar to Angry Birds (kind of).  It is called Angry Turds.

Yes, turd as in poop.  In this knock-off of Angry Birds, you are a monkey who fights against dastardly island explorers who have stolen your monkey babies.  Unlike Angry Birds, there is no slingshot involved; your monkey just throws various projectiles.  These projectiles include rocks, coconuts, turds, banana bombs, etc.  I’m sure you get the idea.

Those of you who are already addicted to Angry Birds should find this new app “refreshing.”  Apparently the controls feel just like the Angry Birds game, so it won’t take a whole lot of getting used to.  That way you can start flinging poo with wild and happy abandon.

One interesting thing to note is that the App Store censors the word “turd.”  Like this:

“There is only one way to stop them, throw some t**ds! With your arsenal of t**ds, coconuts, poop bombs and bananas”

It must be pointed out that, while the word “turd” is censored, apparently the word “poop” is okay.  Regardless of whether or not you prefer certain words censored, “Angry Turds” promises to be a crap-load of fun and I would suggest you check it out!  There is a free version with 10 levels and a .99 cent version with 30 levels (just in case the poop sucks you in and you get addicted).

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  • Coryrhill

    thats so sweet
    i feel like this would be more of a best seller than anything i know

  • Andy

    I will buy this game.

  • Beblieux

    Hahahahahaha, very clever. I don’t know if I will buy this game, though. Kind of grossed out. I felt sorry enough for the pigs having to suffer through the diabolical machinations of those REALLY angry birds. Now with the poop and all, where will it end?