Angry Birds: Sling-shotting Into Toy Stores

Since its launch in winter 2009, the “Angry Birds” game has been absolutely taking over phones and mobile devices everywhere. The next step for these mad little red birds is now going to be the board game circuit. Toy giant Mattel has announced that I will release a board-game version of the popular app in May.

Angry birds has absolutely dominated the app game scene this past year. Since its inception, the game has been downloaded over 50 million times through the different systems. Constant updates and new add-ons have kept the game alive and interesting, and the board-game release just seems to be the next step for these little red birds.

The game will retail in stores for $14.99 with the exact release date in May to be announced. While it’s not likely that customers will be lining up out the door to get their hands on this game, it does seem somewhat interesting. Player will draw mission cards that portray different scenarios and setups of the green pigs and blocks that come with the game. Player will then use the supplied slingshot to launch the little angry red bird (slightly smaller than a golf-ball) at the setup, just like in the app.

It should be interesting if this app gone board game meets any success in the physical market. Fortunately the angry birds have an avid following of very dedicated fans. Rovio-mobile, the company that created the angry birds, has already seen substantial profit from merchandise off of the game, so expect the little red birds to continue their success with the Mattel release.

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