Angry Birds to land at a theme park near you

Is there no limit to where Angry Birds can go? The game dominates our smartphones, tablets, and now Facebook. We’ve got hats, shirts, pillows, keychains, boardgames, and even cookbooks based on the addictive little game. So what’s next? An official Angry Birds theme park!

Angry Birds Land is currently under construction in their home country of Finland, which is where the developer, Rovio, is based. The park is going to be a part of the larger Sarkanniemi Adventure Park in Tampere, Finland. It is rumored to feature a combination of your usual spinning, racing, dizzyness-inducing theme park rides as well as interactive installations based on the game.

The park is set to open on April 28. For those just dying to to know what it’s going to be like they’re posting sneak peeks on their Facebook page. Rumor has it this won’t be the only Angry Birds theme park either. Developers have mentioned the desire to have multiple locations around the world. Is it possible that Angry Birds could topple the one and only Mickey Mouse someday??

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