For $249 You Can Send Your iPhone 5 To This Company And They’ll Anodize It In Color

If you’ve gotten bored with the black/slate or white/silver colors of your iPhone 5, AnoStyle can help. They’ll anodize your iPhone in one (or multiple) colors, which will guarantee it doesn’t feel like the same iPhone all your friends have. If you’re not familiar with anodization, you can find out more about it here. They’ll also anodize the iPad mini in several different color choices, as well.

The only drawback I see to the process is that you have to physically send your phone to the company, which means you’ll be without it for a week or two. If you’re okay with that or you have an old phone you can get by with while you wait, hop on over to and choose your device.

The AnoStyle process certainly looks great, but it’s worth noting that you can also customize your device with a ZAGGskin (prices start at $19.99). ZAGGskins allow you to customize and protect just about everything, from smartphones to boring white iPhone power adapters. Create a ZAGGskin out of your own image or use pick one from our massive catalog of designs. The customized layer of the ZAGGskin is covered by invisibleSHIELD material, so your gadget is ready for your hardcore lifestyle.


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