Another Gadget To Help You Optimize And Diagnose Your Car Hits Kickstarter

Last month we told you about Automatic, a $70 car plug-in that links your car to your iPhone, today we’re telling you about Dash, a project currently in funding mode through Kickstarter.  This device plugs into your vehicle, tracks your driving profile, and then wirelessly transmits the data to your iOS device.  While driving, Dash collects data and then provides analysis with the Dash app.  The dashboard can provide information to help you analyze each tank of gas, split driving costs, diagnose engine problems before your check engine light comes on, and even connect you to the Dash community to communicate with drivers who have had similar problems.  If you like, you can also use the DashCam.  Mount your phone on your dashboard or windshield and record a video with trip and engine details overlaid.

Dash is currently accepting interest for 75 beta users.  The project is seeking a funding of 750,000 and plans to deliver the product within 6 months.

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