Anyone Can Do It: How To Request To Have Your House Blurred On Google Maps Street View

Want your house blurred on Google Maps Street View? Google makes it easy to request blurring. Here’s how to make a request:

Let’s pretend you want to blur the white building above. You’d focus the street view on the appropriate image and then click ‘Report a problem’ in the lower right.

Upon clicking ‘Report a problem’, you’ll see the screen above. If you want the white building blurred, click ‘Privacy Concerns’ and you’ll advance to the next screen.

Now complete the form, fill out the CAPTCHA at the bottom of the page, and hit ‘Submit.’ According to its official documents, Google will review the request promptly.


  • onnesty

    Problem is… Google still has the image, they’re just hiding it from the general public. How can we DELETE our house from Google completely? That’s the question.

    • Your Neighbor

      I just drove by your house and took a picture. How are you going to make me delete my picture?

      • onnesty

        Delete it now!

        • MixedUp

          Point is that anyone can take a pic from a public walk/street of your house at anytime. .

          • onnesty

            I know. You’re right. But the point is… we all know Google is feeding this information into GOV databanks. If the average person has a picture of my house, no big deal. Nobody cares. But when the GOV starts cataloging every house on every street, things become more serious.

            This is not news to anybody… I know. Just making the comment.

          • Artanis

            Are you being serious? For Your knowledge – “Gov” have military maps where every INCH of every house have been laser scanned, satallite aligned and been photographed from airplanes with resolution hundred times higher than Google have.

            I mean – is there really are ANYONE who ACTUALLY thinks, that he can live anonymously in 21st century?! C’mon and wake up!

          • onnesty

            I agree. There are no secrets anymore.
            (Oh, and don’t tell me to wake up. This isn’t an emotional topic. It’s overkill dude.)

          • Gondy

            just admit your own ignorance, onnesty.

          • onnesty

            What’s wrong with you? Why can’t anybody have a simple conversation anymore without faining offense at every little thing? We’ve completely lost the art of conversation.

          • HATINERDAY

            We are tired and out of patience for stupid people like you.

          • Brandon

            Do you really think the government is using Google maps to find people? Hahahah!

  • alex rodriguez

    Any body know how to removed the blur lol the blur always gets people lost when theyre trying to find my house