Apple and Samsung sitting in tree… Fighting like an old married couple.

The relationship between Samsung and Apple seems so complex. To us it is unclear how they can rely on each other so much for business on one side, and fight so gruesomely for intelectual property on the other side.

The rumors are heating up that Apple is working with Samsung to produce the iPad 3 internals.

One of the biggest iPad 3 rumors emerging talks about the joint venture between Apple and one of Apples competitors, Samsung. Reports indicate that the A6 processor, manufactured by Samsung in South Korea, will be used to power the upcoming iPad 3.

It would seem to an outsider that Samsung Electronics is the typical snake, biting the hand carrying it up the mountain. However, Apple hasn’t dropped it’s outstanding agreements with Samsung’s sourcing departments yet, so it seems the venom might not be having too deep of an effect.

It has also been suggested that the iPad 3 will come with a high resolution 300 ppi screen from Samsung, which was recently released and used by Samsung Electronics on their latest products.

Using the resolution of the latest Samsung product would allow Apple to double the resolution of the current iPad 2. That’s probably the hottest rumor for the iPad 3 potentially coming this Spring.

Source: iPad 3 Rumors

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