Apple Announcement: iOS 5.1 Available Today – Apple doing more to integrate Facebook into your iPhone/iPad.

Apple wrapped up iOS 5.1, and put a bow on it pretty quickly. Usually this ‘.1′ update has about a pretty long turn around.

What’s new in iOS 5.1?

Facebook Integration –

A new Facebook username field is in the Contacts application. The line was hidden before unless you gave the contact a Twitter account.

Apple is also making it possible for you to share your photos on Facebook directly from the new iPhotos app.

Images can be removed from the Photo Stream -

This was one of the biggest requests for Photo Stream just after it came out. Likely because a bunch of tech bloggers started taking screenshots of their new device, and then couldn’t get them out of their iPhoto libraries.

Camera button permanence. -

The camera button that we all love to see on the home screen, has become a permanent fixture. Now you can see it without double clicking. Also, there is a nifty swipe up to launch the camera app.

Japanese Siri. –

This is certainly a step in the right direction for Apple. Announcing more languages for Siri is going to make a big difference in the success of Apple internationally. The world needs to feel like Apple has their interests at heart, and isn’t just a US company. iOS 5.1 with Japanese Siri will certainly help sales of the iPhone 4S.

Bug Fixes and Smaller Issues –

Turn off 3G switch back. New wallpapers. Battery life reportedly better. Shake to shuffle fixed. Dictation on iPad.

Over the air updates

Apple already has very quick adoption of their latest operating system. When they announce updates, people download them. It is likely that with the latest change of over the air updates, that adoption rates will climb only higher.

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