Apple’s “Back to School” Promo in Full Swing: Extra $100 off Macs, $50 off iPhone and iPad


Apple has always been a little extra friendly towards education customers. Students, teachers, faculty, and administrators of K-12 schools, as well as public and private universities are all able to get discounted pricing on new Apple gear, any time of the year. Around July though, they kick those deals up a little more with the ‘Back to School’ promo. This year, in addition to the $200 off new Macs and $30 off new iPads, Apple is offering up to $100 off (in the form of an Apple gift card) as part of the promo.

While that extra $100 on Mac and $50 on iPhones and iPads isn’t in the form of cash or a discount on the purchase price, it’ll go a long way in adding to the final value of your purchase. You’ll most likely want to pick up a case, a bag, an external hard drive, spare charger, or other peripherals / accessories to go with your new device.

If you’re ready to go, head on over to the Education section of the Apple Store to get started shopping.



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