Apple Changes Water Damage Policy! Hooray?

Recently Apple has changed their policy regarding water-damage on their iPods. Previously, iPods that had come into contact with moisture were not eligible for repairs under the warranty. The way that they would check this was through the LCI (Liquid Contact Indicator), a tiny piece located in the headset jack that would change color if it came into contact with water. Technicians would simply check this, and if it had changed then your repairs would cost you a pretty penny or two.

The issue with this is that the sensor came under scrutiny because it would change without any direct contact with water. A direct example of this happened to me. I NEVER allowed my iPod to come into contact with water. I took better care of it than most parents do their children, if that gives you any idea. Unfortunately, I live in a fraternity house with an old bathroom. Whenever anyone showers, the room fills completely with steam that makes the bathroom look like a jungle abyss. Little did I know that this would trigger the LCI.

After about a year of use, my iPod starting freezing and became dysfunctional. Logically, I took it in to the Apple store where I was less than pleased to realize that this was not covered under the warranty, and that I would have to shell out close to the price of a used car to pay for repairs. I was certain my phone had come into contact with water, and the technician even told me that the steam from the shower likely caused the indicator switch. Regardless, the manager wouldn’t budge, so it was no more iPod for me.

What is heartening about the new policy compared to the old is some wiggle room. The old policy basically had a no-exception clause in regards to the LCI indicator. The new policy however, says that repairs may be covered under warranty if the customer avidly denies any water-contact. I don’t know whether or not to be excited about this. “May” is not the kind of word-strength that I was hoping for. I’ll still hold on to the dream that my steam shower won’t cost me hundreds of dollars, but we will have to see.

What about you? Have you had any issues/experiences with Apple’s water damage policy? Share them here.

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  • DaveA

    I had a problem with my ipad screen recently and even told the apple employee that there was a chance that there was water damage and they just gave me a new ipad no questions asked.

  • Robert

    My wifes phone had a whole bottle of chivas 12 poured on it the other day…so amyways I had the apple care protection plan and decided to gove it a try…I walk in and first thing the applenguy does is check the top and bottom of the phone for the liquid sensors and says it’s water damage…I said I’m not sure what happened and told him that I thought the apple care protection plan covered everything and that I own almost every device in the store…he said “hold on let me check something” 5mins later he gave ne a new phone and said tell your wife to watch out for liquids and said have a nice day! got lucky!

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