Apple Continues To Aim For Business And Education Markets With iOS 7

With each iteration of Apple’s popular iOS mobile operating system, the company makes it clear that they are serious about business and education users.

In the early days of iOS, many segmented the popular platform as more for consumers focused experience as any enterprise features were either lacking or missing all together. Some even suggested that there was still a place for Windows Phone and BlackBerry as “work phones” since Apple had not seemed to be paying too much attention to this user segment and focused more on their default consumer users. With each iteration of the OS however, the company has added more and more features to fill the holes in not only their own software but the offerings of others. These efforts have begun to ‘bubble’ Apple to the top in terms of usage in enterprise and education. Apple made this clear in their latest earnings call by stating that iOS devices are currently accounting for 77% of enterprise device activations. This is pretty staggering if you consider that the software has only been out for a few years and relatively young compared to the previous reigning champions of BlackBerry and Microsoft.

Apple’s latest beta of iOS 7 is no exception as it continues to innovate and augment their enterprise and education offering. The company has even launched pages for both business and education users, highlighting what’s new in the OS and how it will benefit users.

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